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As someone with sickle cell, Olivia knows firsthand how difficult the disease can be. After all, she is learning how to navigate life with the constant pain, pokes, and surgeries her illness brings. So, when she was asked what she wanted for her seventh birthday, instead of asking for a gift, Olivia earnestly replied, "I want to have a party for kids just like me." And, so, with the help of her parents, older brothers, and a host of family and friends, we held our first Sickle Cell Awareness Party in the fall of 2017.

Children with sickle cell ought to be looked after with special care. They shouldn't go outside in extreme hot or cold conditions nor should these children overexert themselves. And so, we take precautions at Olivia's South Suburban Sickle Cell Awareness Party. We provide tons of water and rest places in a comfortable setting. Caregivers can feel confident allowing their children to interact with others conquering the same battles.

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